Frontera Foods sells sauces that do not indicate meat on the front label

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Update by user Jul 04, 2014

According to a person from Frontera, their label is compliant with FDA. So, technically, they are not committing fraud on the public.

However, as I wrote this person, transparency is as important as FDA compliance. When I returned the product to Whole Foods, even the manager there was surprised to find chicken in an enchilada sauce. So, while Frontera may be FDA compliant, and not legally committing fraud on the public, their failure to identify chicken on the label, for me, signifies a gross insensitivity to the complex marketplace in which they are selling their products.

So, I say again, beware of their "Classic Red Chili Enchilada Sauce," if you are vegan or kosher. There's chicken in it!

Original review posted by user Jul 01, 2014

i innocently picked up a jar of Frontera Enchilada Sauce--red chili variety. on the front label, all it says is that it contains tomato and garlic.

lo and behold, i read the back label and it's got lots of chicken products in it!!!

this is false advertising & fraud--they do not clearly put on their front label that the product contains animal products.

who expects chicken in enchilada sauce???

i'm kosher and vegan and this is both against my religious practice and my choice not to eat animals.

of course, people will read the ingredients--but as i wrote above--who expects chicken in an enchilada sauce. This is the type of product that the company would know that needs identification that it contains animal products. They are committing fraud on the public. I'm stunned that Whole Foods Markets sell the products without requiring labeling regarding the animal products.

shame on them!!!

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